Zenith AV Cabinet

Zenith AV Cabinet
Zenith AV Cabinet
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Our AV cabinets, pricing quoted to your custom dimensions and material choices. A combination of modern contemporary designs, real quality materials, fine craftsmanship and finish. Can be exported knockdown with detailed AutoCad drawings for easy installation. If you are making a multiple item purchase, please email sales@indochine-decor.com with your order details, we will quote bulk shipping rate.  

Material Options : Hand graded grade AAA reclaimed solid teak, please see http://store.indochine-decor.com/ProductionFacilitiesMaterialsOptions/Materials/ReclaimedSolidTeak ; Kiln-dried solid hardwood, please see http://store.indochine-decor.com/ProductionFacilitiesMaterialsOptions/Materials/BalauLumber ; Hand graded European white oak, please see http://indochine-industries.com/store/index.php?route=product/category&path=71 ; laminated surfaces, please see http://store.indochine- decor.com/ProductionFacilitiesMaterialsOptions/Materials/FormicaSurfaces ; exotic wood veneers, please see http://store.indochine-decor.com/ProductionFacilitiesMaterialsOptions/Materials/ExoticVeneer ; tempered glass, please see http://store.indochine-decor.com/ProductionFacilitiesMaterialsOptions/Materials/ArchitecturalFlatGlass ; Grade A teak plywood and veneer, please see http://store.indochine-decor.com/ProductionFacilitiesMaterialsOptions/Materials/TeakVeneerPlywood ; JIS 304 stainless steel, frosted, clear, tempered glass, panel plus, cpet sheet, solid and tubular aluminum casing, acrylic, glass mirror. 
Wood Finish Options : Any standard wood finish option or combination, please see http://store.indochine-decor.com/ProductionFacilitiesMaterialsOptions/FinishOptions
Top Options : Any marble or granite in stock, please see http://store.indochine-decor.com/ProductionFacilitiesMaterialsOptions/Materials/MarbleGranite or any available UK Hanex solid acrylic surface, please see http://store.indochine-decor.com/KitchensBathrooms/AcrylicSolidSurfaces
Hardware : Hafele, Hettich German, Sugatsune Japan. 

We use handgraded grade AAA reclaimed solid teak for our teak furniture and flooring, often more than 100 years old. We buy old whole teak houses, then resurfacing and refinishing the teak for use in our teak furniture. Reclaimed teak wood has a much lesser chance to "move", expand or contract which is often what happens when young teak or kiln-dried plantation teak is used for furniture. Reclaimed teak also has more elaborate, more beautiful grains, is heavier, harder and more durable, offering our customers a lifetime of maintenance free beauty in all our teak furniture. We measure all our teak with a wood humidity meter. Reclaimed old teak has moisture content of not more than 3%. Hand graded reclaimed teak is currently 2 to 3 times the cost of kiln-dried teak. Always getting harder to buy and more expensive. Have a piece of history in your furniture. 

Besides stock dimensions, can be custom made to customer's dimensions. We can manufacture furniture to our customers' designs and specifications, please email sales@indochine-decor.com with details. 

Our customers include home builders, developers, boat builders, property management companies, hotels, resorts, spas, restaurants, clubs, furniture wholesalers, importers, retailers, architects, interior designers and private customers worldwide. 

Being a manufacturer helps us seamlessly integrate design ideas into beautiful interiors. At Indochine, we specialize in translating designers' concepts into beautiful interiors - something we've been helping architects, interior designers and contractors do for over 15 years! We can "custom made to order" – "client-specific" furniture designs – handcrafted the old fashion way with quality materials and fine workmanship. You don't have to be a designer to work with us - we understand that design is a bit of an evolution. Whether it's a modification of a previous design or an original concept, We can create the ideal design for your next project. Interior design concepts and furniture packages with full 3D renderings. Autocad drawings submitted for customers' approval, together with specifications, materials list and our quotation.