Architectural Flat Glass

Architectural Flat Glass
Architectural Flat Glass Architectural Flat Glass Architectural Flat Glass Architectural Flat Glass Architectural Flat Glass Architectural Flat Glass Architectural Flat Glass Architectural Flat Glass Architectural Flat Glass Architectural Flat Glass
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We offer many functional glass types to make life more pleasant and secure, including glass for insulation, energy-conservation, crime and disaster prevention, and noise reduction.

*Float Glass (Essential Product for Glazing)
Transparent flat sheet glass. The most common type of glass used for building and residential house glazing purposes. Maximum size of standard product is as large as 3m x 10m sheet with a thickness of 19mm, thereby we can cater to customers with large glazing needs. Float glass has excellent planarity and least distortion.

*Laminated Glass (Crime / Fire Proofing)
Glass with an intermediate film inserted between two pieces of flat sheet glass. Effective in crime/ disaster prevention since it is hard to penetrate and even if it is broken, very few fragments scatter. Also very effective in cutting out ultraviolet rays.

*Insulating Glass Units (Heat Insulation, Energy Conservation)
Glass with dried air enclosed between 2 pieces of sheet glass. Effective in heat insulation, energy conservation and dew condensation prevention.

*Low-E Insulating Glass Units (Indoor Comfort)
Glass with special metal film coated inside one of the insulating glass units with high heat insulation and heat shielding characteristics. It also curtails chill through glass and dew condensation on the glass.

*Polished Wired Glass (Fire Proofing / Resistance)
Glass with wire mesh or parallel strands embedded entirely in the glass. Used for fire proofing.  

*Heat-resistant Tempered Glass (Fire-proofing, Openness)
Wireless fire-proofing glass with excellent strength. Provides clear vision for a feeling of openness and stands up to shock well.  

*Tempered Glass (High Strength, Safe When Broken)
Safety glass that is between three and five times the strength of annealed glass, achieved through heating and then rapidly cooling of sheet glass. Fragments become finely granular in the event of breakage.

*Figured Glass (Provides Moderate Opacity)
Flat glass that can provide privacy while letting light through with a template pattern on one side. It also caters the interior effect with its translucence and pattern itself.

*Mirrors (Excellent Aesthetic)
High-quality mirrors that use float glass with excellent planarity. Offers highly accurate reflection and excellent durability.

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