Wood Drying Klin

Wood Drying Klin
Wood Drying Klin Wood Drying Klin Wood Drying Klin Wood Drying Klin Wood Drying Klin Wood Drying Klin Wood Drying Klin Wood Drying Klin Wood Drying Klin Wood Drying Klin Wood Drying Klin Wood Drying Klin Wood Drying Klin Wood Drying Klin Wood Drying Klin
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Kiln dried lumber is a standard in the lumber industry because dried lumber is generally prepared for manufacturers into a finished product. Most valuable lumber is used within an enclosed environment-such as a home or place of business - the lumber must be suitably dried to prevent movement in service. For example, lumber dried incompletely and then manufactured into flooring will shrink and deform as it gradually loses moisture to the surrounding environment.

Like any product, lumber becomes more valuable as it emerges from a manufacturer as a finished product. Since manufacturers of furniture, flooring, and moldings all require lumber which is properly dried, the kiln dried lumber market is an extensive one. Though the market requires huge volumes of lumber in various species, thicknesses, lengths, and widths, the one process which often is necessary in the preparation of any lumber prior to a manufacturing process is kiln drying.

In addition, kiln drying offers several benefits with respect to preventing lumber degrade and lowering transport costs. With current lumber grading rules for both hardwood and softwood listing stain as a defect, the prevention of conditions favorable to the spread of stain makes sense. Modern methods of preventing stain include the use of "dip tanks" to submerge the lumber into a solution of liquid fungicides and pesticides. With fresh sawn lumber, the process of placing sticks between each layer of lumber packs will also assist the mill owner in preventing the spread of stain. If possible, the best method of preventing stain is to place fresh sawn lumber directly into the kiln. By immediately beginning the drying process with fresh sawn lumber, stain is inhibited by temperature and air flow. In addition, the drawbacks associated with air drying (double handling of lumber, lengthy idle inventory, and limited space) often bog down mills and add handling cost to lumber. With enough kiln space on hand, lumber operations are able to limit degrade, maximize lumber yield, and offer their customers a high quality product.

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Besides furniture manufacturing, we also manufacture doors, windows, frames, flooring/decking & architectural timber structures for both residential and commercial projects. We offer air dried, kiln-dried & reclaimed lumber in standard dimensions or custom cut to your specifications on-site.
We offer lumber by the truck, exported by the container.  Our customers include home builders, developers, property management companies, hotels, resorts, spas, restaurants, clubs, furniture wholesalers, importers, retailers, architects, interior designers and private customers worldwide.
Our markets include : USA, Canada, Japan, UK, SE Asia, Australia, Polynesia, Maldives, UAE, Qatar, India, Hong Kong and the EU.
Due to the availability of quality raw materials and skilled workmanship, our prices are consistently lower than our competitors, comparing product material, quality and finish. No compromise in workmanship and quality of materials, ensuring life long durability that will always come with an Indochine product.
Being a manufacturer helps us seamlessly integrate design ideas into beautiful interiors. At Indochine Decor, we specialize in translating designers' concepts into beautiful interiors - something we've been helping architects, interior designers and contractors do for over 15 years! Indochine Decor can "custom made to order" – "client-specific" furniture designs – handcrafted the old fashion way with quality materials and fine workmanship. You don't have to be a designer to work with us - we understand that design is a bit of an evolution. Whether it's a modification of a previous design or an original concept, Indochine Decor can create the ideal design for your next project. Interior design concepts and furniture packages with full 3D renderings. Autocad drawings submitted for customers' approval, together with specifications, materials list and our quotation.

OUR LUMBER LIST INCLUDES : Teak, Pinkyado, Balau, Padauk, Pine, Oak, Chengal, Keruing, Ash, Makkha, Krathin, Sadao, Albizia Saman, Tamarind, etc.
*Built in Furniture/Cabinets/Wardrobes/Kitchens
*Doors, Windows, Frames
*Standard or Custom Hardwood Flooring
*Wide Plank Hardwood Flooring, up to 36 inches wide in stock.
*Ceiling Beams
*Wood Slabs (Tables & Counters)
*End Grain Hardwood Tiles
+End Grain Hardwood Roof Tiles
*Brackets & Corbels
*Custom Hardwood Staircase and Hand Railing.
*Balcony Railings
*Reclaimed Claddings and Sidings
*Air-dried, Kiln-dried or Green Timber
*Reclaimed Handgraded Hardwoods/Teak
*Hardwoods: Rough & Surfaced
*Single Piece Timbers, suitable for custom table tops, counter tops.
*Outdoor Decking
*Timber Structures
*Fully Knockdown Teak or Hardwood Houses
*Straight Line Ripping
*Skip Dressing
*Tongue & Groove
*Ship Lapping
*Book Matching

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